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Extended health insurance

The student union provides a health and dental benefits plan to full-time students. This plan complements your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) or provincial health insurance. It is commonly used for prescription drugs, vision, dental and travel insurance.

There are separate coverage cards for UHIP and for the health and dental benefits plan. Make sure you have a copy of each.

student union health plan


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I opt out?

    If you are already covered under an equivalent plan, you may be eligible to opt out provided you do so before the opt out deadline. Opt out deadlines and details on how to opt out can be found on the student union health plan page.

    The opt out for the health and dental benefits plan is separate from ancillary fee opt out.

  • Are exchange students covered?

    Incoming exchange students are not eligible. If you are here on exchange, you may want to purchase additional health insurance beyond UHIP.

    Outgoing exchange students remain Ontario Tech students, so going abroad on exchange will not affect your eligibility.

  • Where can I get my travel insurance card?

    Did you know there is a separate coverage card for travel insurance?

    Before you travel, make sure you print a copy of your travel insurance card. Visit to get your card and learn about your travel insurance coverage.