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New Arrival Support Program

Depending on when your flight arrives, you may be in Canada before MyStart: International orientation takes place. During this time, you may not know anyone but will have lots of questions and need assistance to settle in. That is why International Student Services is pleased to bring you the New Arrival Support Program (NASP).

About the program

  • What is the New Arrival Support Program?

    Take advantage of the New Arrival Support Program, where you will meet student volunteers who will help with your adjustment to the Ontario Tech University, and to Oshawa.

    During the NASP you will: 

    • Meet peers who can support you.
    • Receive a campus tour.
    • Receive a tour of the Durham Region public transit system.
    • Learn how to navigate through Oshawa.
    • Get your campus ID (if offices are open on the date you select).
    • Get assistance setting up banking.
    • Get assistance setting up phone plans.
    • Shop for your immediate needs.
    • Get your Social Insurance Number (SIN) (if offices are open).

    *Please note that these services will be provided depending on the requests made within each group.

    Note: You should register for both the NASP and MyStart: International orientation, as they are different programs.

  • When is it?
    NASP is usually held before the fall semester in August/September and before the winter semester in December/January.
  • Register for NASP

    Register FOR NASP

    What happens after you register?

    After you have registered, a student volunteer will contact you at the email address you provide. They will work with you to coordinate:

    • What you would like to do.
    • What documents you will need to bring.
    • Where to meet.
    • How you can contact them.

Recommended documents

  • Campus/Student ID

    You will need:

    • Your university-produced class schedule (can be electronic) to confirm your student ID number.*
    • One piece of valid government-issued photo ID such as your passport, driver's licence, etc.

    *The Campus ID office will accept your Letter of Acceptance to start your campus ID process, but your card is printed only after you've completed your registration. Your card will be available immediately, providing you meet all the above requirements.

    For more information on campus IDs, including ID office location, hours and required documents, visit the campus ID section of the university website.

  • To open a bank account

    If you decide to open a Canadian bank account, please note that as an international student, you will require:

    • study permit
    • passport
    • student ID or Verification of Enrolment Letter (your Letter of Acceptance to the Ontario Tech University can also be used)
    • postal address, phone number and other basic details

    For Canadian banking information, including which documents are required to open a bank account, visit Banking in Canada.

  • To get your Social Insurance Number

    To obtain your SIN, please note that as an international student, you will require:

    • study permit
    • passport
    • postal address, phone number 

     To find out about your work eligibility as a student, what a Social Insurance Number is, and which documents are required to get one, visit Working in Canada.