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Schools for children of international students

In Canada, education is a provincial responsibility. The Ontario Ministry of Education website provides an in-depth description of elementary and secondary education, including:

  • A school board directory.
  • An elementary and secondary school finder.
  • Curriculum and expectations for each grade level and subject.

Children of international students are not required to have a study permit. See regulation 5.17.

Public schools

In Ontario, there are publicly funded non-denominational schools and publicly funded Catholic schools. Education is free of charge within the public school district where the parent(s) live. In most situations, parents must provide the following documents in order to register their child (or children) with a public school board:

  • Birth certificates of the children you want to register.
  • Passports of parent(s) and children.
  • Proof of registration, program of study and fees paid to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology for full-time study.
  • Two pieces of identification demonstrating where you live within the school district.

For more information about public education in Ontario, visit

Area public school boards

French-language schools

Private schools

Religious schools

Many private schools in the Greater Toronto Area approach their curriculum from a religious perspective. You can search a database of private elementary and high schools schools by religious affiliation and other criteria on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website.