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Pre-departure sessions

All students going on international mobility programs—exchange, internship, research, conference, etc.—are required to complete the Pre-departure form and attend a pre-departure session before they leave. The session covers important information on health, safety, culture and everything you need to consider when planning your trip. We will also discuss the forms and documents you must submit. A list is provided below for easy reference. You must submit these forms and documents at least one week before your departure.

In addition to the pre-departure session, any students travelling abroad are advised to consult the Government of Canada's travel abroad section for extensive information. 

To request to be invited to the next pre-departure session, please contact

Pre-departure forms and documents

  • Transfer credit form

    This is only required for exchange students. This form lists all the courses you will take at the host university. Please fill out the form and submit it to the International Office. If you do not submit the transfer credit form, your application cannot be processed.


  • Confirmation of pre-departure orientation attendance form

    All students going out on an exchange are required to attend a pre-departure orientation session organized by International Education at Ontario Tech. If you require a confirmation of pre-departure orientation attendance form please contact to request one.

  • Assumption of risks, responsibility, release waiver and indemnity agreement form

    You must submit this form before your departure for an exchange program. Please fill out the form and submit it to the International Education office. If you do not submit it, your exchange program may be cancelled.

    Assumption of Risks, Responsibility, Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement

  • International education travel form

    This form contains important information, including details of your exchange, contact information, etc. You must submit it before your departure for an exchange program. Please fill out the form and submit it to the International Education office. If you do not submit it, your exchange program may be cancelled.

    International education travel form

  • Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA)

    Registering your travel with the Government of Canada will enable you to receive important information in the event of an emergency. You should register your travel for every country that you will visit. If you are eligible, you must submit proof of your registration. Citizens of other countries should check for a similar service and register there if possible.

    Registration of Canadians abroad

  • Photo and video release form

    By filling out this form, you give Ontario Tech permission to use your pictures and videos in any of its promotional materials, including advertisements, publications, posters, websites, social media, videos, etc. Please fill out the form and submit it to the International Education office. (This form is recommended but not mandatory).

    Photo and Video Release Form

  • AIG certificate

    As an Ontario Tech student, you have access to AIG security training which provides you with valuable information on staying safe and secure while abroad. After registration and login (Policy # 88084883), on the top of the main page, click on the Security tab and then, Security Training. There, students will see the short videos/quizzes and at the end of the list, the Certificate link which will be available for printing once all the subsections are complete. If you have forgotten the login details, please contact for help.

    AIG Certificate 

  • Flight information
    Before you book your flight, ensure you have all of the travel documents and visas that you will require to enter, and stay in the country or countries that you will be traveling to. Also, check the expiry date of your passport. Some countries require you to have at least six months left on your passport beyond your departure date. Once you have booked your flights, submit your flight information to the International Education office.
  • Accommodation information
    It is important that the International Education office has your current accommodation information to be able to assist you better in the event of an emergency. You must provide your accommodation information prior to departure and update us if your information changes at any time.
  • Proof of health insurance

    It is your sole responsibility to ensure you have sufficient health insurance coverage before you leave Canada. You are advised to read the policy details carefully.

    The Ontario Tech Student Union offers Emergency Out of Province Medical and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage travel insurance. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions provided in the Benefits Booklet.

    This insurance product is underwritten by AIG Insurance Company of Canada, please download the 

    Travel Medical Assistance Card

    Eligible students enrolled in the Extended Health Plan have this Emergency Travel Assistance coverage. Students must be covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) of a Canadian province or territory or equivalent. For more information, contact OTSU Benefits Plan 

    For reference on why you should make sure to have travel insurance when going abroad, visit the Government of Canada's travel insurance section


  • Checklist
    At the pre-departure session, you will be given a checklist of the forms and documents that you need to submit prior to departure. Use this list as a reference when preparing to go abroad. With the submission of your last document(s), sign and submit your complete pre-departure checklist.