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Health and wellness

Ontario Tech is dedicated to supporting students' mental and physical health and wellness. The university has resources on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness (physical, mental, social, environmental, vocational, financial and spiritual), including strategies and resources to help students develop healthy goals and habits.

Check out the Health and Wellness website for additional resources for information on:

  1. Campus Health and Wellness Centre - The Campus Health and Wellness Centre provides the highest level of health services. Whether you have a health emergency, a concern about nutrition, muscle strains and pains or a bad case of the flu, you can expect quality care from our health professionals.
  2. Mental Health - The new Stepped Care approach allows us to offer you a range of supports to get you through life’s challenges. We provide confidential counseling support in the life challenges you may be facing whether small or big such as culture shock, homesickness and more! You can also access their self-help resources
  3. Health Promotion - Health Promotion services educate, promote and advocate for student health and wellness that empower students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and achieve personal health goals. There is a recipe book, resources on how to maintain your well-being and more!
  4. Recreation - Ontario Tech University offers a variety of facilities where you can work out, stay fit and have fun. Our spectacular 12,500 square-metre Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre includes five gymnasiums, an elevated indoor walking/jogging track and The Flex, a 929-square-metre fitness centre featuring top-of-the-line cardio and weight machines.
  5. Sexual Violence Support and Education - For students who have experienced sexual violence or domestic violence, services are available to support you. Through these services, you will be heard, believed and assisted in going through the options that are available to you. As a discloser, you will be in charge of decisions regarding how you want to address your concerns and will be empowered and supported in any decisions you make.
Im in Canada—where can I find mental health supports?

I'm in Canada—where can I find mental health supports?

Mental health supports are now available online—please note that wait times may be longer than usual:

  • Ontario Tech Student Mental Health Services can be reached at 905.721.3392 or
  • Good2Talk Helpline (24/7) can be reached at 1.866.925.5454.
  • Crisis Text Line (24/7) support can be reached via text by texting GOOD2TALKON to 686868.
The federal government also launched Wellness Together Canadaan online portal that connects Canadians to peer support workers, social workers, psychologists and other professionals for confidential chat sessions or phone calls. The portal will make it easier to find credible information and help address mental health and substance use issues. 
Im outside of Canada—where can I find mental health supports?

I'm outside of Canada—where can I find mental health supports?