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Academic Life


The academic year is divided into three periods called semesters: 

  • Fall semester – September to December.
  • Winter semester – January to April.
  • Spring/summer semester – May to August.
    • The spring/summer semester includes course offerings that are six-weeks in length (May/June and July/August) or the full 12-weeks. 
Important dates and deadlines

Your academic year at Ontario Tech University follows a schedule of important dates. Please check the Important dates and deadlines website to be aware of all deadlines including fee payments and course add/drop dates. 



Services and Resources

Academic Advising

Academic advisors support students during their journey at Ontario Tech. They strive to assist students to make choices that will lead to their academic success. Academic advisors are faculty-specific.
Learn more - Academic Advising

Student Learning Centre (SLC)

The SLC helps students improve their skills in math, writing, studying and other subject areas. Our academic subject specialists, trained peer tutors and online resources are available to help ensure your success.  
Learn more - Student Learning Centre (SLC)

Learning Commons

Our university's state-of-the-art Learning Commons, at the north Oshawa location, houses computers for student use. Other amenities include dedicated tutoring rooms, digital signage, laptop stations, wired and wireless access points and printers. The Information Technology (IT) Service Desk can help you with any IT-related issues.
Learn more - Learning Commons


Our university's libraries provide extensive print and digital information resources and services to assist you. Wireless connections, free inter-library loans, streaming media, specialized training sessions and one-on-one consultations are available at each library.
Learn more - Library

Academic Integrity

It is important that you understand and abide by academic conduct regulations. It is highly recommended that you review the Academic Integrity Modules to learn what constitutes academic misconduct, how to avoid committing academic offences, and what to expect if you do commit an academic offence.  
Learn more - Academic Integrity

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Learn about the accommodations, financial support, and events we offer to help build an accessible university and ensure all students have equal opportunities to succeed.
Learn more - Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Campus Services

Learn about all campus services available to students.
Learn more - Campus Services